Accountability for Ward 2 and Guelph

Responsible: I believe that elected officials and those who are paid by the public purse are absolutely responsible to the people who entrust them with the stewardship of their interests.  As Councillor for Ward 2, I will be responsive and responsible to the community and be an advocate with both Council and staff.  I will provide regular updates, in person and online, on issues that affect Ward 2 and the City as a whole.

Independent: A city councillor should not represent any particular special interest or advocacy group.  A councillor should be neutral, open to consider issues from all perspectives, and balance the viewpoints of all stakeholders.  I have not endorsed any group’s platform. I value research, input, and collaboration to attain consensus.

Sensible: I would like people in Guelph to have a clearer understanding of the City’s finances. People need to see that resources are being managed appropriately and responsibly.  This means municipal communications that include benchmarks and key performance indicators. People need and want to know how their money is spent and why.  It also means a better approach to infrastructure and capital projects – from funding to design, through construction supervision and in to operating costs.

Effective: As Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi has said, “Is removing the snow a right-wing or left-wing idea? Is fixing the potholes more New Democrat or Conservative?” I believe for a city councillor to be truly effective it is important to be non-partisan, and to work collaboratively around the council table and with City staff to address the practical realities of living in Guelph, which, after all, is Council’s job.

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you. ”

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