Mary Thring Candidate for Ward 2 Guelph

I am excited and honoured to be your candidate for Ward 2.  I love Guelph and I love my neighbourhood, and I’m sure you do too.  From the edge of downtown through river trails, major thoroughfares and buildings that range from national historic sites to modern classics, Ward 2 has it all.   No love is perfect, however.

There is always room for improvement.  In Guelph, the hows and whys of City Hall can be truly head-scratching.  Taxes are high, priorities are ill-defined and vision is in short supply.

Things can be done differently.

Over the next few weeks, here and in conversations with you,  I will be sharing my views on the issues confronting Guelph, and how we can approach solutions.

You can help me by telling me your concerns and ideas.

I’m not running to run things.  I’m running to take the interests of the people in Ward 2 to City Hall.

Your thoughts and opinions matter.  Your vote matters.  Ward 2 matters.




Accountability means that elected officials and those who are paid by the public purse are absolutely responsible to the people who entrust them with the stewardship of their interests.  A city councillor should balance the viewpoints of all stakeholders and should not represent any particular special interest or advocacy group.  Guelph needs greater transparency in its finances and a commitment to responsibly managing its resources and services for the benefit of all residents.

As councillor for Ward 2, I will be

  • Responsible
  • Independent
  • Sensible
  • Effective

See how here

“Is removing the snow a right-wing or left-wing idea? Is fixing the potholes more New Democrat or Conservative?” Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi

Quality of Life

I would like all of us to feel safe in our homes, have access to green space and have a sense of stability and optimism about our neighbourhoods and communities.

These are the issues that we need to address:

  • Crime and Community Policing
  • The Opioid Crisis
  • The Environment
  • Growth
  • Housing
  • Jobs

You can read more about my platform and approach here

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