A word about endorsements

It has been interesting to receive a number of requests for mutual endorsement – if I endorse Group X’s platform in totality, they will endorse me.  In each case there have been a number of salient platform points with which I agree – and some that I don’t.  While it would be easy to sign on to try and gain some kind of advantage, I believe that a city councillor should not represent any particular special interest or advocacy group.

Municipal politics, to be truly effective, should be free of party affiliation and influence. A councillor should be neutral, open to consider issues from all perspectives, for all stakeholders, and advocate for those stakeholders with Council and staff. As such, I have not sought, given or accepted endorsements from any group or organization for this campaign.

Even a purely moral act that has no hope of any immediate and visible political effect can gradually and indirectly, over time, gain in political significance.

-Vaclav Havel, writer, Czech Republic president (5 Oct 1936-2011)

You are eligible to vote in this election if you are a Guelph resident (and yes,  this includes tenants – your vote is important!), over 18 and a Canadian citizen. You can find more information about voter eligibility and procedures here .

I would welcome and appreciate your support.  In exchange, I promise to advocate for the interests of Ward 2 and Guelph as expressed to me by you, and governed by my own principles and core values.


About This Website

This website was established for the campaign to elect Mary Thring as Councillor for Ward 2 in the 2018 City of Guelph municipal election. The site and associated social media accounts are maintained by the candidate.

All content, including photographs and graphics are copyright Mary Thring,  unless otherwise credited.  Related campaign collaterals which include signs, postcards, door-hangers and business cards are produced by the campaign and approved by the candidate.

I welcome your feedback and commentary.  I am willing to engage in any conversation any time, but please note that I reserve the right to limit engagement on this platform and in social media to appropriate issues and commentary.


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