Ward 2 All Candidates Debate is Set

Wednesday, Oct 10:  7:30 p.m.  First Baptist Church

I’m looking forward to this – a chance for all the Ward 2 candidates to share their thoughts and visions for a role on Guelph City Council.

Are there questions you would like addressed?  We will be meeting on October 4 to work out topics and format.  Please let me know.

Alternatively, there will be time devoted for audience questions.

Short of voting, this is as close as it gets to participatory democracy, folks.  I hope to see a great turnout.

Ward 2 All Candidates Debate Wed Oct 10

The signs are here!

Coming soon to a boulevard or a front yard in Ward 2!

Elect Mary Thring Ward 2 Campaign Sign

They may not be pretty, but they sure are eye-catching.

If you’d like one let me know: ASAP delivery and retrieval after Oct. 22 guaranteed.

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